AsiaPresswire’s Press Release Distribution Services Deliver 5 Key SEO Metrics for Firms

AsiaPresswire Brings 5 Vital SEO Monitoring Values Via Press Release Distribution for Firms

Search engine optimization remains crucial for companies looking to expand online visibility and drive website growth. Press releases represent one of the most effective channels for fueling organic rankings and traffic.

However, developing and distributing quality releases with precision targeting is challenging and time intensive. This is where AsiaPresswire’s integrated press release solutions excel — providing brands with AI-powered writing and instant distribution to relevant contacts.

We spoke with Alex Wu, Chief Technology Officer at AsiaPresswire, on how the company’s solutions facilitate SEO while saving clients significant effort. He highlights 5 key metrics provided to clients within days that showcase AsiaPresswire’s distribution impact.

#1. SEO Visibility Through Backlinks

A core objective of press releases is securing backlinks from online publications to bolster domain authority and organic visibility. AsiaPresswire places a heavy focus on targeting publishers open to including client links as part of coverage.

Wu explains their distribution methodology and databases streamline identifying writers and outlets most receptive to backlinking press releases across client industries. AsiaPresswire prioritizes submissions to these connection-friendly channels.

He explains: “We maintain extensive real-time data on linking probabilities for thousands of websites globally. This enables providing clients tailored lists of strong backlinking publication targets by industry for each release campaign.”

AsiaPresswire quantifies campaign success by reporting:

• Number of secured backlink pickups by target domain authority
• Projected search visibility gains

Wu notes large visibility index jumps are common thanks to SEO-focused distribution strategies. Clients also gain access to full list of linking articles.

#2. Website Referral Traffic Surge

The high-authority links AsiaPresswire secures quickly cascade incremental referral visitors to client domains from embedded links. Traffic can grow exponentially if content gets syndicated further through news aggregators.

Wu says referral jumps between 200–500% monthly are typical outcomes seen thanks to expanded organic visibility and discovery. Links embedded in articles account for over 72% of referral visitor click-throughs based on their data.

Companies receive granular traffic analytics including:

• Number of referral visitors by publisher
• Click-through rates
• Page views per visit
• Bounce rates
• Location by region

Wu adds that visibility into top referral sources and pages enables further optimizing pages and even link placements for maximum conversions.

#3. Boosted Domain Authority

The influx of tier-one publication backlinks AsiaPresswire regularly attains boosts overall domain authority and SEO rankings immensely.

Wu highlights that DA lifts of 5 and above points monthly are gaining widely thanks to the stream of reputable links from leading mainstream and industry-specific portals. This supports securing even higher placements organically.

Companies gain access to dynamic domain authority rankings across Moz and other leading indexes showing DA improvements overtime from baseline. Trendlines provide tangible evidence on SEO strength gains.

#4. Lower Link Acquisition Cost

AsiaPresswire’s automated distribution and targeting capabilities provide these SEO benefits and link wins at a fraction of cost compared to other press release options or paid link building.

Wu estimates clients attain DA expanding links at under $50 per placement. More importantly, the links require no ongoing optimization or management unlike more tactical guest posting and outreach.

He says: “Our AI engine handles identifying and contacting best targets, writing compelling releases, followups and then securing placements. This means hands-off, reliable SEO and visibility growth for brands at unbelievable cost efficiency.”

Specific cost efficiency metrics provided include:

• Number of backlinks acquired by domain authority bracket
• Historical and projected link acquisition costs comparison
• Estimated traffic value driven

#5. SEO Visibility For International Markets

Expand reach across key regions represents another major SEO objective for brands today. This fuels global growth and diversification.

AsiaPresswire’s integrated translation engine supports creating localized press release variants in 21 languages — optimized for international culture nuances.

Wu explains their unrivaled global media databases then facilitate targeted regional distributions to the best local portals and publications open to backlinks. This expands SEO metrics efficiently abroad.

Statistics and trendlines provided incorporate visibility, backlinks and referral traffic by country — spotlighting the expanding global SEO impact fueled by AsiaPresswire’s distribution.

The Metrics That Matter

“Too often press releases fail driving results because brands take an ad hoc approach instead of a metrics-driven methodology,” summarizes Wu on the expanded visibility and linkage outcomes AsiaPresswire provides clients. “Our solutions add science around what matters for moving the needle — backlinks, authority gain, referral acceleration, lower costs.”

He notes that the detailed SEO metrics and post-campaign reporting AsiaPresswire delivers focus executives around core site growth and rankings priorities. The data transparency also builds confidence on strategy ROI — crucial for sustaining releases.

“Marketers have lots of options for press announcements, but outcomes disappointment is common without diligent targeting,” Wu concludes. “Our methodology, history and databases dedicated to fueling measurable visibility gains provide brands the game changing advantage.”

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