US Supreme Court decision creates confusion on gun curbs

Uvalde and Highland Park mass shootings survivors, families and supporters rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, calling for stricter gun controls on July 13, 2022. (OLIVER CONTRERAS / AFP)

NEW YORK – Since the US Supreme Court overturned a New York law limiting the concealed carry of handguns in public areas, there has been an increasing lack of clarity on gun restrictions, reported ABC News on Friday.
"The decision really opens up a whole new way of analyzing the legality of firearm regulation and so there is no experience really to go by, so it's essentially a free for all," Michael Siegel, a faculty member at Tufts School of Medicine who studies firearm violence, was quoted as saying.

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Siegel said the decision created a new system for how the constitutionality of firearm laws are to be judged where "nothing is really clear" and it is a trial and error situation.
The decision was "monumental" for gun rights and gave them a lot of key victories in the last few months, Alan Gottlieb, the executive director of the Second Amendment Foundation, was quoted as saying.
"We've knocked out some laws in California, we've got restraining orders against some of the ones in New York, we just got the temporary restraining order against the one in New Jersey," added Gottlieb.

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There are currently close to 50 cases in federal court challenging gun control laws across the country, Gottlieb said.