Highland Valley Digital Reports on ‘Companies Leveraging EaaS to Build Sustainable Growth’

San Francisco, CA, Dec 27, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – – Recently, Highland Valley Digital has released a report on ‘Companies Leveraging EaaS to Build Sustainable Growth’. In the report, Digital transformational veteran details how companies can optimize their business by capitalizing on fractional executives to build sustainable growth. Companies not leveraging EaaS (Executive as a Service) risk falling behind in 2024.

In a business world engaged in relentless innovation forcing constant transformation, the demand for Executive as a Service (EaaS) is not just rising; it’s proving essential for businesses aiming to stay ahead. With an independent workforce expected to surge by 19% by 2024 and fractional jobs escalating by 57% since 2020, companies not leveraging EaaS risk falling behind. Highland Valley Digital, under the dynamic leadership of Hazel Evans, refreshes the rules of executive engagement, propelling businesses toward unprecedented growth.

Hazel Evans’ story began after achieving a career-high in diverse executive roles at Sephora and Ralph Lauren. Having partnered with numerous investment firms to assist their new portfolio companies in securing opportunities with major retailers, she sought a more streamlined approach to facilitate these connections, enhance customer experiences, and boost revenue. As a Highlander (Scottish Native) residing in Silicon Valley and the first City of Napa County, she realized she could leverage her network of Fractional Executives and her diverse, multi-disciplined skill set, particularly in the digital ecosystem of Retail, Retail Enablers, and Web 3, to drive growth, jump-start strategy and innovation, leading to the inception of Highland Valley Digital.

Hazel Evans’ company Highland Valley Digital highlighted: A McKinsey Global Institute report, “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation,” predicts that 20% of global jobs will be displaced by automation by 2030, creating a burgeoning demand for flexible talent models like fractional executives. “Fractional executives, with their specialized skills and flexible approach, have evolved from niche players to central figures in the business landscape,” states Hazel Evans. “2024 is a landmark year for fractional executives, driven by key trends reshaping business strategies and elevating their strategic role.  You risk being left behind if you’re unaware of these leading trends and their impacts.”

One such trend is the rise of the “micro-CXO,” a new breed of fractional executive offering targeted expertise for specific, short-term projects. This concept aligns with a Forbes study revealing that 72% of CEOs plan to increase their use of fractional executives, focusing on specialized skills. Micro-CXOs address precise needs, such as a financial turnaround or a marketing strategy for a product launch, offering high-impact leadership in a focused timeframe. “Enterprises harnessing the power of EaaS are not just growing; they’re accelerating at a pace never seen before,” asserts Hazel Evans. “2024 is emerging as a watershed year, with fractional executives like the ‘micro-CXO’ leading the charge.” This new breed of executive delivers high-impact, specialized expertise for critical short-term projects, as corroborated by a Forbes study that shows 72% of CEOs increasing their reliance on these agile leaders.

Furthermore, data-driven decision-making is taking center stage in strategic planning. According to McKinsey’s Global Survey on the State of AI in 2023, 70% of executives view data-driven insights as vital for success. This shift underscores the demand for fractional executives proficient in data analysis and interpretation.

Moreover, a Gartner report predicts that by 2025, AI will automate 85% of repetitive tasks. This evolution places a premium on fractional executives who can merge technological proficiency with human insight, a combination Hazel Evans deems “the blueprint for success in this new era of business.”

Despite the emphasis on technology, the human element remains indispensable. Cognitive diversity, communication, collaboration, and leadership are crucial in building lasting relationships and distinguishing oneself in a data-driven world.

Highland Valley Digital focuses on delivering Multi-Disciplined Fractional Executives to businesses ranging from $5m-$100m. These leaders bring extensive experience across multiple disciplines, providing strategic guidance and operational excellence. “Our approach is reshaping how businesses think about leadership and growth,” says Evans.

In a landscape where technology and human expertise intertwine, Highland Valley Digital emerges as a beacon for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of EaaS. With their finger on the pulse of the latest business trends and a commitment to innovation, they offer a clear path for businesses poised for transformation and growth.

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