Rotary Action Group Taps Drug Free Australia to Represent Oceania on a Global Stage

Seaford, Australia–(ACN Newswire via – December 23, 2023) – Drug Free Australia has been selected by the Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention (RAG AP) to represent the Oceania region. This move underscores its significant contributions to drug education and community outreach.

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As a leader in drug prevention, Drug Free Australia will collaborate with international organizations to address pressing drug-related challenges in Oceania. This pivotal role acknowledges its successful strategies and extensive community engagement efforts across Australia.

Josephine Baxter, Executive Officer at Drug Free Australia, remarked, “This opportunity allows us to extend our reach and share our expertise on a larger platform. Our representation of Oceania in this global initiative highlights the critical nature of our mission and the considerable impact of our work.”

Recent data indicate that Australia grapples with significant drug use challenges, particularly among the youth. Drug Free Australia’s approach, pivotal in mitigating these issues, centers around educational programs and robust community outreach.

Baxter added, “Our approach, grounded in evidence-based research, has gained international recognition. We are eager to apply this knowledge throughout the Oceania region in partnership with RAG AP.”

This collaboration between Drug Free Australia and RAG AP is poised to address drug use concerns in Oceania significantly. It aims to scale up the effectiveness of drug prevention initiatives by uniting the expertise and resources of both organizations. The partnership will develop comprehensive strategies encompassing educational programs, policy advocacy, and community involvement, creating a sustainable impact on drug prevention and health promotion.

In Australia, this alliance represents a forward-thinking move to reinforce the nation’s health care and drug prevention strategies. It will enable the exchange of best practices and innovative methods in drug education, aligning with Australia’s health objectives.

Additionally, this collaboration presents Australia an opportunity to lead in the Oceania region by demonstrating effective, community-based drug prevention models. It also lays the groundwork for enhanced support from government and non-governmental entities, fostering a cooperative environment crucial for successfully combating drug-related issues.

Furthermore, Drug Free Australia will leverage its resources and networks to bolster drug prevention efforts across Oceania. The initiative aims to increase awareness and implement effective strategies at local and regional levels. One significant initiative in 2024 will be to identify and support young people as “youth influencers” who will be trained to develop their approaches to drug use prevention and early intervention.

For participation and more information, individuals and organizations can visit Drug Free Australia’s website at or engage directly with their community programs.

About Drug Free Australia:

Drug Free Australia is a health charity promoting drug-free lifestyles through education and community engagement. Renowned for volunteer-driven initiatives, the organization raises awareness and provides resources to combat drug use in Australia.

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